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Submitted by Team Engineering Tue, 09/29/2020 - 08:50


American Precision Products falls under the Defense Industrial Base Essential Critical Infrastructure category as defined by the Department of Homeland Security and will endeavor to remain open during this crisis (2020.03.20).

We are not accepting any unscheduled visits by vendors or customers at this time.  Please Contact us to schedule any necessary appointments.

All visitors must be masked at all times.

We are continually working to overcome delays and keep our customer's informed of any impacts.

Current Impacts:

Impact Notes
Raw material shortages and often daily price increases

Nylon 6/6 shortages and delays mostly unrelated to COVID-19  There are currently world wide shortages due to increased demand, shortages of base components as well as global  weather events and COVID-19.  We are able to procure small lots of material but large orders are seeing delays and price increases.

Almost all Dupont products are in short supply or completely unavailable.  Update 2/19 --  Dupont issued a Force Majeure statement February 19th on Zytel® (including Zytel® HTN and Zytel® Specialty Nylons), Crastin®, Rynite®, Selar®, Minlon®, Pipelon. 

Severe delays and shortages of many plastics and the raw/base materials to make them.  We are seeing and being warned of daily price increases and schedule changes.  We foresee long term issues in the plastics supply chain that could take the rest of the year to trickle through.

Shipping delays

Unexpected costs both domestic and overseas remain an issue.  Overseas shipping delays of 2-3 weeks have occurred on air shipments.  In order to mitigate delays on time critical programs, we are arranging to break shipments up and ship by multiple methods. This does increase shipping costs.

Update 2021.03.11 - Ocean shipping delays  are getting longer as ports are backing up due to fewer workers and greatly increased shipping since the Christmas holiday.  While California ports are having severe issues the impact is world wide.  Expect long delays and continued cost increases.

Employee's Missing Work We are still seeing unexpected delays when our own employees must take time off to quarantine while waiting on test results or after being infected.  As of the beginning of the year, our employees are able to now get vaccinated.  We expect most will be fully vaccinated by the end of May, 2021.