Over 50 Years in Business

50+ years of exceptional quality.

Precision Custom Molding and Manufacturing

Aerospace, Military, Energy, Transportation, Critical OEM

AS9100D Certified

  A Woman Owned Small Business

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Injection Machines
Name Type Shot Size in3 Tonnage Mold Size in Notes
Yuh-Dak Y20 Hydraulic 5 20 12x8x10 Prototypes, Insert Molding, Thermoplastics
Boy 22s Hydraulic 2.42 22 10x12x15.7 Thermoplastic
Sodick  LD20EH2 Hybrid .28 22 12.2x17.3x25 High speed, very high pressure, Micro Molding, Nitrogen assist
Boy 50 Hydraulic 8.29 50 12x14x23.64 Thermoset, Thermoplastic, Rubber
Autojector HCR-40 Hydraulic 2.15 40   Thermoset, Thermoplastic, Rubber, Four station rotary table
Sumitomo SG220 Hydraulic 25 220 22x33x22.8 Thermoplastic, High Speed nitrogen assist
Sumitomo  SE130EV-A Electric 15.5 150 20x28.35x17.72 Thermoplastic
TMC Hydraulic 29 250 22x33.5x23.62 Thermoplastic
Battenfeld HM240/1330 Hydraulic 40 270 24.8x36.6x42.32 Thermoplastic
MIR Hydraulic 24.1 190 19x22.4x19.68 Thermoset Heat Cured Rubber, silicones, four drop manifold

Transfer & Compression Presses
Name Notes Tonnage
Givens 20 Transfer, Compression 20
Hull 50 Transfer, Compression 50
Gray 80 Compression 80
Blue 25 Compression 25

Machine Shop
Name Notes
Mazak VTC-20 CNC, 3 machines, networked
Mazak Quick Turn CNC
Mills Manxual 3x
Lathes Manual, 3x
Misc Grinders, band saws, etc
Solidworks two seats, current version
CAM MasterCam one seat, current version

Auxiliaries and misc.

Dehumidifing dryers, hot oil units, water circulators, hot runner controllers, sprue pickers, 5 axis Fanuc Robot, Punch Press, Ultrasonic welders, Spin welding, sawing, bending, fabricating equipment, sand blasting, water blasting, pre-heaters, pre-former