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Purchase Order Quality Assurance Provisions

The Supplier shall verify all purchase orders issued by APP upon receipt. Quality assurance provisions are attached to the end of each purchase order.  Any discrepancies in price, quantity, specifications, quality requirements, and packaging or delivery requirements shall be communicated to and resolved with APP purchasing.

Vendor Expectations

APP is an AS9100D certified company supplying products for military and aerospace applications.  The products our vendors supply directly contribute to the service conformity and safety of our final products.

All products and services for production orders will be procured through a purchase order.  The purchase order will describe in detail the items to be purchased along with any specifications and certifications required.  Any documents required for the fullfillment of the order will be issued by the APP Quality Department.  Acceptance criteria and characteristics will be clearly identified on the PO.

Regulatory and other requirements will be listed at the end of the purchase order.  If there are any issues please address them promptly with the APP buyer.

For made to order components, any process changes made after process approval must be communicated and approved by APP, and the persons performing the work must be competent, qualified and where applicable, have the proper certifications.    Changes in process may include significant employee changes, location changes and any outsourcing changes.

APP monitors the performance of our suppliers.  If there are any issues we will communicate them to you.

We expect that our suppliers behave in an ethical manner.

A strong and efficient supply chain is a key factor in our continuing success.

New Vendors

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