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COVID-19 Impact -Update 11/20

Submitted by Team Engineering Tue, 09/29/2020 - 08:50


American Precision Products falls under the Defense Industrial Base Essential Critical Infrastructure category as defined by the Department of Homeland Security and will endeavor to remain open during this crisis (2020.03.20).

We are not accepting any unscheduled visits by vendors or customers at this time.  Please Contact us to schedule any necessary appointments.

All visitors must be masked at all times.

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Non-Export Tooling

What is non-export tooling?

Non-export tooling is tooling built outside of the US that cannot be transferred from the molder/mold maker.  Tooling will often be built to non-standard specifications using local steels.    It will have a stated tool life.  At the end of the tool life a new tool will have to be purchased in order to produce more parts.

SPI Mold Finish Standards

The SPI mold finish ratings allow you to specify a general mold surface finish.   The finish is a call-out on the mold itself, not on the finished product as the final part finish will vary with processing, plastic material, mold quality and mold steel.  If you need exact texture matching of plastic parts then a more detailed standard is required. 


The following article is reprinted with permission from the author from The American Society of Quality, , The Aviation/Space and Defense Division newsletter FALL 2003_Volume 35 Number 2. All rights reserved.


By Gene Barker, CQE, Certified Quality Manager, Boeing Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company

Engineering References

Engineering References

Customs and Practices of the Mold making Industry: 
Classifications of Injection Molds for Thermoplastic Materials, A Guide for the Purchaser or Manufacturer of Thermoplastic Injection Molds., Mold makers Division, The Society of  the Plastics Industry, 1989.
Information on how the mold making industry works and concise information on specifying molds and their classifications.
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